Klaar Belgians, owned by Dermott Young is located in
Millarville, Alberta, Canada, approximately 45 km south-west of Calgary.
(Home of the famous Calgary Stampede.)   Klaar Belgians is interested in
developing the tervuren variety here in Western Canada, but I also have a
few beautiful healthy malinois, who are very near and dear to my heart.
All sired by the great multi Ch. BISS BPIS s.r. Gildas Du Mas des Lavandes CDX.
I chose the flemish word "Klaar" because it means "clear", or "clean", and
also can mean "finished".
This had special meaning for me because my very first, locally purchased Tervuren
were epileptic.  By the time I knew this I had already achieved no. 2 and
no. 3 status in the obedience standings in Canada and I was hooked by the
intelligence, working ability and beauty of this breed.  Showing these dogs
in obedience, and one in conformation had already taught me that these dogs
were not of the best breed type.  I was determined to find breeding stock that
was more typical and healthy......
I started researching European lines and my efforts were fruitful.  In
1991 I went to the French National show and brought back three dogs I am
extremely proud of:

1.  Am/Can CH Perfect of the Two CD C-BAR. Perfect has had a tremendous
influence on the breed already from East to West coast in both Canada and
the US.  Over the years it has become clear that he is not afflicted with
the dreaded seizuring problem, and has so far, with almost 450 direct offspring,
has not produced it in any of the combinations the various breeders have made
with him.  Perfect passes on his beautiful side profile, his clean
movement, his wonderful coat, and super personality.

2.  s.r. Am .Can CH Gildas du Mas des Lavandes CDX.  Gildas' has a long list of
accomplishments that I hope will make all owners of the malinois variety
Gildas started his show career at 7 months of age by winning the Herding
Group, and then making Canadian history by winning Best Puppy in Show at an all
breed show.  Gildas has had numerous group wins and placements, won his sujet recommende,
won the US Malinois Specialty and the Candian Specialty in the same year and
consistently gave the coated variety here in Canada a run for their money!
Gildas won his American Championship with three 5 point majors..all at American specialites
In 1993, 1995 and 1996, Gildas taken to the UBSDA National.  Each
time he has been awarded Best Male of Variety with two excellent, and one
excellent plus ratings.  Twice, Gildas has taken the "test de championnat"
at the UBSDA nationals and passed with an excellent rating.

3.  Can CH Gabelle de la Douce Plaine.  Gabelle, is the dam of the 1995
UBSDA National Specialty Winner, AM Can.U-CH Klaar Altesse La Foi v Kouros.
In 1993 I took Gabelle back to Europe to be mated to a son of the famous
Int CH Grimm van de Hoge Laer - CH Kouros of the Two.  This mating produced
some very nice females, in particular Tess, and Abbe, who was mated to U-CH
Rigel de Breez for her first mating in 1996.
Over the last few years I have been back to Europe several times a year.
I have attended the Dutch National Specialty six times, the World show
in Brussels, the Belgium Clubmatch, the French National and other all breed shows.
I encourage anyone from North America interested in owning or breeding Belgian
Shepherds to attend one of the European National Specialties. Apart from
having a tremendously fun time, there is so much to learn!
I have purchased several more tervuren for breeding since 1991 from
Europe, most notably a beautiful adult female, Ombre de la Quievre,
(interestingly, a tervuren from two groenendael parents) who, when mated to
Perfect produced a litter of beautiful, clean moving dogs of sound
temperament.  One of the bitches from this combination was Best Tervuren,
Best Canadian Bred and First Award of Merit at the 1996 Canadian National
Another famous littermate is "Ghosty" s.r. BISS and best
Canadian Bred two years in a row.
I keep the number of dogs I have at home to about six, and I have many
of the stock I have imported in local show and working homes where these
dogs can live a normal family life, while still participating in my
breeding program.  On the other hand, I have a small number of dogs, so
I can devote the time and energy needed into keeping them trained and happy
members of the family.  All my dogs are house pets and take turns sleeping
on my bed (in Twinny's case with her head on my pillow!).
My hopes for the future centre around the offspring from Perfect to Ombre
de la Quievre and the two females I have purchased from the van de Hoge
Laer kennel in Belgium Twinny van de Hoge Laer from Glam du Sart des Bois
and Kleo van de Hoge Laer, a daughter of CH Beggy of the Two, and Za Za van
de Hoge Laer, from Imhotep de Condivicnum and Quasi-Noire Van de Hoge Laer
Both bitches contain in their pedigrees the two lines that have, together,
worked best for Klaar - those of Grimm van de Hoge Laer and those of Kadour de
la Quievre.
Don't want to forget my Mals.. Tara the multi group placer.
She will also produce Tervs... has Perefct, Wanda and Gildas in her blood.

At Klaar I strive for excellence.  Excellence in breed type, in
temperament, in structure and in health.  One day I hope to produce that
perfect dog.   And in the meantime, I want to thank all the people who have
purchased puppies from Klaar, who have used my stud dogs, allowd me to use
theirs, and who have supplied me with breeding stock.  Thanks for your
friendship and support and for having fun with me!


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