Am/Can.Ch. Perfect of the Two, BAR HIC Am. CD
Am/Can.Ch. Perfect of the Two C-BAR HIC AM. CD
2000 ABTC Nat'l Specialty Select Winner

Hips OFA = Excellent
Elbows = OFA Normal
Eyes = Cerf Clear

Siezure Free and all direct offspring


VMD Tested 90%

Belg. Ch Jonathan of the Two "S" (T)
Int. Ch Belg. Ch Django du Spitant "S" (T)
R.e. Lux. Ch Barox de la Pouroffe RCAC (T)
Zilly van't Hof Melyn "S" (T)
Freya van de Hoge Laer (T)
s.r. Cicero of the Two CAC CACIB "S" (T)
s.r. Belg. Ch Beggy of the Two CAC CACIB "S" (T)
Milady of the Two "S" (T)
Neth. Ch Dan. Ch Lux. Ch Kouros of the Two CACIB (T)
R.E. Neth. Ch Lux. Ch Fr. Ch Belg. Ch Int. Ch Grimm van de
Hoge Laer CQN  (T)
Glimpi of the Two (T)
s.r. Belg. Ch Juby of the Two "S" (T)
R.E. Nabor de la Noue Saint-Eloi RCAC RCACIB (T)
s.r. Lux. Ch Bagheera of the Two "S" (T)

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